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 Two SHIPWECK  E-books available by TOM BENNETT

     SHIPWRECKS OF THE PHILIPPINES                           209 pages

     WORLD WAR 2 WRECKS OF THE PHILIPPINES         160 pages          

If you are a diver, a historian or a Pacific War Buff, these ebooks have all you need in detailed information on SHIPWRECKS of the Philippines.    

e-book 1     SHIPWRECKS OF THE PHILIPPINES  12 USD (500 PHP peso)

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Perfect bound book.   WWII wrecks of the Philippines , including posting within Philippines,  1000 PHP peso     


Both these e-books have been updated in 2014, and still available in 2016

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This is the first time a detailed Chronological List of Shipwrecks has been published for the Philippine area.  It covers all the World War II wrecks of vessels lost over 500 tons. 
 Thumbnail pictures are given of many of the ships including some Pacific War photographs from the Naval History and Heritage Command in Washington, USA.

The wreck entries are in Date order with some additional content of each wreck.  Ship’s name, date of loss, type of vessel with previous names, tonnage and dimensions, route taken and cargo, location including GPS (if known). Cause of sinking and if salvage has taken place, also if it is a popular dive site.  Such a complete list has not been published before and has been compiled to be a valuable reference source for historical research, salvage and recreational divers and of general historical interest.  The index includes all the Japanese and American WWII losses (above 500 tons) known to have occurred within Philippine waters, well over 800 vessels.

Of interest to the recreational diver and the Dive Centers, details of more than 50 wreck dive sites are included. All within the 40 meter depth.  Amongst the text are also dive spots where the author thinks new wreck sites maybe found. 


During 1944 at the height of the Pacific War there were appproximately 800 ships lost in the Philippines alone.  

This is a photograph of a Japanese Fast Transport T-11 that was sunk in the Philippines only one month after being commissioned in Japan. 

Attacked by US Fighter bomber planes she ran onto a coral reef in San Isidro Bay, Leyte and partly sank.  375 men killed. 7 December 1944.      

     Photo: Naval History and Heritage Command. Washington, USA.